We are igniting a literary democracy at home, where readers have exciting ways of participating in book culture, and we are building inclusive dialogues between Detroit and the wider world of readers, authors, thinkers, makers, and storytellers.

We are a reader-centric community that hosts distinctive author events (both those we curate ourselves and in partnership with publishers and writers), as well as ghost libraries and seasonal book swaps around the city. Our style is active, unpretentious, inclusive, and in a spirit of friendship with others in Detroit who are activating the literary cultures here.

Our mission is to cultivate Detroit as a literary city, ignite the imaginations of readers, and create meaningful on-the-ground connections between readers and writers.

We were founded in December 2012, with lively spirits of all kinds at Motor City Brewing Works.

Publishers and authors looking to arrange a book event in Detroit: we’re here to host, find great venues, amplify through media outreach, and otherwise put together an excellent participatory event. For details, contact Anna Clark at literarydetroit@gmail.com.

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