The Motor Signal Reading Series jolts the poetry reading out of its conventional form. It is a literary showcase launched in 2014, curated by Literary Detroit and hosted at Signal-Return, a letterpress studio in Detroit’s Eastern Market. Each year, Motor Signal invites poets to read their work at six extraordinary events. But we go beyond the typical poetry reading series by asking our readers to bring an interactive element into the evening: a way of involving the audience in an activity of literary co-creation. Motor Signal breaks down barriers between poet and audience. It creates a community that is welcoming of the audience, especially attendees for whom the reading might be their first encounter with poetry since grade school. Those familiar with readings can expect to be surprised, unsettled, and delighted by Motor Signal’s experience. Our second season will be on the third Thursday of every month, February – July 2015, and is sponsored by a Knight Arts Challenge matching grant. Support the cause by donating here. Catch up with us on Facebook here.

2015 Motor Signal Schedule

Transmission 01: February 19 Theme: Music – “The rhythm of music connects us all” Performer: Passalacqua Transmission 02: March 19 Theme: Sex – “What’s sex got to do with it?” Performers: Randal Jacobs, Casey Rocheteau, Ashley McFadden (live painting and auction) Transmission 03: April 16 Theme: Journeys – “Where have you gone, where are you going?” Performers: Chace Morris, Ronica Dhar Transmission 04: May 21 Theme: Imaginary Worlds – “Where fiction and reality meet” Performers: adrienne maree brown, Sherina Rodriguez Sharpe, Ashley McFadden (live painting and auction) Transmission 05: June 18 Theme: Belonging – “Who is an outsider? Performers: Tariq Luthun, Chad Rochkind Transmission 06: July 16 Theme: Identities – “Who are you? Who are you trying to be?” Performers: T. Miller, Ben Will

Motor Signal Co-Curators

Muna Danish Motor Signal 3 copyMuna has been involved with Literary Detroit for over a year and loves the literary community here. She has lived in Detroit for three years and in her free time reads all sorts of things, but especially memoir and creative nonfiction. A highlight of last year was having brunch with Roxane Gay as part of a Literary Detroit event. Motor Signal has introduced her to some amazing poets and she is excited to get even more involved in the poetry scene in the city by helping curate the 2015 season. Cornetta Lane Cornetta was born and raised in Detroit and graduated from Wayne State University with a bachelor’s degree in Middle East studies.  She was introduced to Literary Detroit one year ago and has helped to plan some amazing events including Jamaal May’s book release. She believes in spreading literary cheer through the city. When the opportunity opened up for her to co-curate the Motor Signal reading series with Muna, she did her happy dance (if you attend a reading, she will show it to you!). Motor Signal is a creative outlet for her and she looks forward to sharing her inspiration with everyone!


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